Panopticum II

It all began with several pictures taken from the bedroom window in the apartment where I spent my childhood. I always liked to spend time looking out of the window.

To remain an invisible observer in order to grasp the life in its unpresentable and unprotected form. The moving scenes without any beginning or end, ones worthy of a detective novel. For several years I returned to this window for my observations. Combining inartificial ways of childish curiosity with the detachment of video surveillance camera I documented what was happening in the courtyard. I have started with shooting life scenes in which the characters kept their anonymity.

A little later I switched attention to the total documentation of passers-by under the windows. Everyone in the field of my vision became a part of the project without guessing about it. And it seems that passers-by no longer have the opportunity to remain un-seen. Year by year there appear more and more cameras surrounding us: those of outdoor video surveillance, hidden shooting in stores, dashcam in cars. Constantly falling into their field of vision we are almost never prepared to be looked at.

Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame for everyone prediction came true. But we are not ready, the cameras take us by surprise and the shots are selected by someone else.