The world froze, looking at its own reflection - Sochi 2014.

i've never been interested in watching sports on TV, but failed to escape the Olympic Games in Sochi. For two weeks here and there I've come across the bits of the television broadcast.

Games in Sochi were intended to present a new, multifaceted and open Russia to the world.

The most important thing in Sochi will be you - the audience. For these Sochi Games are the Games for each and everyone. These are your emotions that fill stadiums with life. It is your support that inspires world's best athletes to reach new heights.

i can't get rid of a strange TV deja vu feeling, bumping into the same story over and over again, and I'm scared to imagine how many times it has in fact repeated.

Modern day sport of high achievements - is what happens right before our eyes, but never stops surprising us, for what athletes do is beyond human abilities and resembles circus arts. It delights everyone who loves sports.

it seems that the gap between professional sport and regular people is becoming wider and wider, everything is slowly turning into a circus show, watched by billions of passive viewers worldwide.

This is not only a grand spectacle created to fascinate and mesmerize, here you can see all at once, as if collected in the bowl of the Olympic Stadium, as a reflection in a drop of water, a picture of the immense world, you can see and feel the excitement of the presence of the main unsolved mystery: who are we? Why us? And where are we going?

in this series I took photos of a TV screen on a mobile phone. It wasn't difficult, because for two weeks the competition has captured the entire broadcast, becoming a global phenomenon and expanding to the unheard of proportions, aggressively breaking into our lives, revealing the hidden properties of the broadcast.